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@MichaelSudarski Jul 27, 00:50

#SudarskiSays Here's the explanation for vacant properties on census night. Speak to us

@MichaelSudarski Jul 26, 01:00

#SudarskiSays Melbourne census data analysed and what it means for property. Speak to us

@MichaelSudarski Jul 25, 01:10

#SudarskiSays Is Australian property rising or declining? Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 24, 00:55

#SudarskiSays What Australians need to feel wealthy. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 22, 04:10

#SudarskiSays Dream property in a dream location We will fund your dream

@MichaelSudarski Jul 21, 03:15

#SudarskiSays The case for property managers in an advancing tech world. Speak to us

@MichaelSudarski Jul 20, 00:45

#SudarskiSays The youngest renovator in Australia is inspiring. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 19, 05:17

#SudarskiSays We explain your options when looking at financing your renovation

@MichaelSudarski Jul 18, 00:55

#SudarskiSays Melbourne property prices continue strong growth. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 17, 00:55

#SudarskiSays A national scheme for regulation of real estate agents is a positive move. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 14, 00:50

#SudarskiSays Some current property bargains to be found. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 13, 01:00

#SudarskiSays Thinking of renovating? We explain your finance options. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 12, 01:10

#SudarskiSays Check out the modern granny flat and how it can add value to your property

@MichaelSudarski Jul 11, 01:00

#SudarskiSays Suggestions on what to do with your tax refund Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 10, 01:10

#SudarskiSays Granny flats are a way to add value to a property. There are some great designs these days.

@MichaelSudarski Jul 09, 01:10

#SudarskiSays Rentvesting becoming more popular to own property and live where you love Speak to us

@MichaelSudarski Jul 08, 01:00

#SudarskiSays Lenders increasing rates on interest only loans. We will get you a better deal

@MichaelSudarski Jul 07, 01:10

#SudarskiSays want to pay off your loan sooner? We discuss some simple ways to say goodbye to your mortgage

@MichaelSudarski Jul 06, 01:10

#SudarskiSays continued growth in property around Australia. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 05, 03:30

#SudarskiSays property investors tipped to pay down loans. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 04, 01:10

#SudarskiSays owners and investors benefit from stamp duty changes. Speak to us

@MichaelSudarski Jul 03, 02:35

#SudarskiSays More growth for Melbourne property market. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jul 02, 03:35

#SudarskiSays Working longer to pay off your mortgage? We can help you pay it off sooner

@MichaelSudarski Jun 30, 01:10

#SudarskiSays We have some tips for you to kiss your home loan goodbye sooner

@MichaelSudarski Jun 29, 01:05

#SudarskiSays RBA may raise interest rates over next 2 years. We will get you a better deal

@MichaelSudarski Jun 28, 01:10

#SudarskiSays Census reveals home ownership down and rentals up. Own or invest we can help

@MichaelSudarski Jun 27, 06:15

#SudarskiSays here's what $400k buys you in Melbourne. Speak to us about your loan

@MichaelSudarski Jun 26, 00:50

#SudarskiSays boom or bust. What's happening in Melbourne's property market? Speak to us

@MichaelSudarski Jun 23, 00:55

#SudarskiSays Renting but want your own home? Our blog discusses some simple strategies to save for your home.

@MichaelSudarski Jun 22, 01:00

#SudarskiSays Australian property continues growth spurt. Speak to us about your loan

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